Jenn Stonicher lives in Lafayette, LA, with her husband of 16 years, Wesley, and their 4 children, Evangeline (11), Oliver (8), Elliot (5) and Louis (2). They are parishioners of Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Church, which is where they met, courted and married, and all of their children are Baptized.  On February 11, 2014, Jenn and her family (3 kids at the time) consecrated themselves to Jesus Christ through Mary with the help of Fr. Gaitley’s book 33 Days to Morning Glory.  Since this experience and through the help of Our Blessed Mother, Jenn has felt a greater authenticity to her life.  For several years now, Jenn has found peace while praying the Rosary and jogging/walking.  When a friend reached out to her about attending the SoulCore retreat, she knew it would be something she would love.  The weekend experience itself was incredible.  Since attending, Jenn has enjoyed praying SoulCore with family and friends and is often honored to lead private parties and retreats.  Jenn is excited about stepping out in faith and seeing where God will lead her. Since her conversion experience in college, Jenn has been learning that God’s will is in TODAY!  Yes, He has great plans for all of our lives, and it starts today!