Are you looking for a way to deepen your spiritual life?

Are you seeking opportunities to grow in your understanding of what is true and essential in being a Christian woman? A woman who is alive, aware, and caring?

If you are, then you are invited to experience Theresians. An international, non-profit, organization of women of faith, who meet in small affirming Christian communities to pray, to be enlightened and challenged, to support and strengthen each other in one's own lifestyle, and one's own way of reaching out with Gospel values.

Theresian communities are sacred spaces where Christian women can give one another courage to meet the ups and downs of every day life. Friendships are deepened, values are shared, and fresh insights on God's Presence in our lives are gained.

Theresian communities gather each month, in the daytime or evening, for shared prayer, creative programs or activities, and a meal or refreshments. They can be found throughout:

United States | Canada | Australia | Ghana | Brazil | Thailand | Philippines | Haiti

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